Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the diagnosis is...


Yea so we had our specialist appointment with the pediatric GI yesterday in Atlanta at Children's Hospital and walked out of there with 3 cans of alimentum formula and that's about it! He basically said since she is in no obvious pain to continue on the alimentum and she should outgrow this sensitivity/allergy to the proteins in milk and if her symptoms worsen to come back. So there ya go...I have to send in some samples from her diapers for the next 3 weeks. He wasn't even concerned about her being anemic so now we just have to watch if anything changes in her behavior or we start seeing more blood in her stools.

You see the picture below...its a school photo proof...This is hilarious that her daycare does photos!! I have to get some this is just to funny to pass up.

Happy Tuesday


  1. Presley even got sick with the Alimentum and the Nutramigen...have you tried Enfamil ProSobee yet? That's the only thing that works for P. If all else fails you should try goat milk!

  2. I mentioned that to the doctor since I remembered you use that and he said in 3 weeks if nothing has changed then I can use that.

    When you say goat milk is that like real milk from a jug or do they make that a formula? Sorry if that's a dumb question :) I'm confused

  3. I'm sorry you all are going through this. I hope it all gets figured out soon. Hugs!


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