Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 Months!

Seriously? already...Ri is getting so big and is a lot more fun these days!! She "talks" all day long loves it. Sometimes she smiles so big I think she wants to laugh but just cant quite do it yet. So adorable. I only know her weight for now she is 9lbs 8oz and thats because we are having a slight poop issue and had to go to the doctor on Friday.

TMI you have been warned.

Friday there were some specs of blood in her poop so I immediatly called the pedi and they had me bring her in that day WITH the dirty diaper in hand. They tested it (im still unclear what tests were run) but there was definietly blood in it so lucky for me I am now on a no dairy diet. HOORAY!! not.

If you dont recall from my pregnancy my number one craving was CHEESE!! needless to say this is not going to be easy. I have already forgoten and had a sandwich on Saturday with swiss cheese on it so there that goes and I had no clue what milk to dump after that. But I will not have any more dairy this week and on Friday I have to bring a diaper and Rilynn back to the doctor so well see. I hope its not a dairy allergy.

EDIT: (to the above paragraph)
The decision was made that we are switching to formula. I honestly feel like I was going crazy pumping all the time so we have made it 2 months with breastmilk and my freezer stash should get us to 3 months but I have also been mixing formula and breastmilk so she can get used to it. I feel a HUGE weight lifted off of me. Its so restricting and I was feeling like a prisoner on the weekends. This is decision took a lot of thought and I think in the long run will be better on EVERYONE in our little family. I can be a raging bitch when I have to do something I dont want to and it just caused problems but now problemo solved!!! Life will be a lot less stressful and im at peace with my decision :)  

Other than that she has been a pretty happy camper. If you notice in one of the pictures below where she is standing... that is now her favorite and I really mean FAVORITE thing to do. She will be screaming her head off and as soon as you stand her up so she can look around she is silent. Its the strangest thing and very annoying since you have to hold her like that. 

On to the cuteness!!




  1. LOVE HER! ahhh she is just so adorable! I need to see her soon! Miss you!

  2. That picture of her standing is SO funny! I'm glad the formula is working out for you! I cried...well, more like "uglycryface" cried when I had to pump..horrible!


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