Thursday, September 8, 2011


What a week we have had. I am still exhausted today even more so. Ri is not a happy camper today and has cried/screamed ALL morning/afternoon and finally fell asleep around 2ish and slept till just now. I totally wish I could get some sort of schedule going with her. Its hard. She has a tough time going back to sleep at night after feeding which is stressful. Since Chris is back at work its all me at night and I'm just flat out exhausted. 

We had a first yesterday...don't get to excited she didn't smile on purpose or anything like that. She waterfall vomited all over me mid feeding sounds fabulous doesn't it :) I guess she may have been over feed since she does this cluster feeding kind of thing and I guess she just got to much. It was horrible we were covered and had to get a bath immediately. But once we were all cleaned up she slept and then eat again and seems just fine.

Currently Rilynn is sleeping in a co-sleeping in our bed and this weekend we are going to transition her to her bassinet in the pack n play. Well see how that goes hopefully it wont be horrible. Since she will be ONE freaking month old on Sunday I cant believe it!! We go to her pedi on Thursday of next week so I will have all her stats and do a post! Ill leave you with some photos since she has just decided to start crying.  :(

Bath time which she now enjoys!!! I love it. Who doesn't love a fresh clean baby in there jammies!!
 She seriously sleeps like this what up yo?? haha
 Look at that sweet face! She had just finished feeding and burped and was just laying on my chest with this face. I just love it!
 And because baby feet are so cute here ya go!!!

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