Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Saturday Morning...

Can I just say I am officially EXHAUSTED!!!! Ri must be confused home girl ain't sleeping at night and this makes mommy and daddy very very cranky. I don't know what happened the last 2 days but her somewhat of a schedule has changed. She went from eating every 4 hours and sleeping 4 hour stretches to eating every 1-2 hours and NOT SLEEPING until its about 7am and then she could sleep all day if we let her. I have tried to nap during the day with her but I just have way to much running through my head. Although as tired as I am yesterday was a very rough day for me but today after round 2 of Ri being up all night I think my reserve energy has kicked in. We have big plans for today and I want to enjoy it. We are going to the R-Ranch in Dahlonega to visit Uncle Rob and Aunt Patsy and will be taking tons of photos poolside watching football!!! It is so beautiful up there I cant wait.

Shout out to Mamie (my mom) its her BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Happy Birthday Rilynn loves you and hopes you have a great day! Wish us luck for a successful calm relaxing day trip :)

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  1. I love me some Rilynn! Im sorry you have had some rough nights =( Hopefully she will get back on schedule soon for you! She is absolutely beautiful Lauren!!


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