Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anniversary Vacay!

 So this trip was a learning experience to say the least!! We went to Hilton Head to celebrate which was a very nice surprise we had not been there in 5 years. We left Sunday morning and Sunday was not so fun and not so relaxing. After packing our entire house to go out of town for 2 days Rilynn did great the whole way down. Once we got there she decided that was her que to be cranky and cry a LOT!! We went to dinner that night at the Salty Dog once we thought Ri would cooperate and........she didn't so our dinner was cut short and we left and went back to our hotel to turn in for the night. 

Monday was much better we had an awesome walk on the beach in the morning. It was amazing the weather felt great. After that we went to sea pines where there are tons of shops and restaurants and a light house which was really cool to see again. Then that night we went to dinner at this beautiful place overlooking the water and if you can believe it Rilynn behaved the whole time. We were even able to have a few drinks after dinner and exchange anniversary cards which was nice.

I think hubbs and I have decided that we still need a night out just the two of us since we didn't get to fully relax and all that. I still cant believe its been yet another year married together. Happy Anniversary to us :)

This is our first family photo since the hospital...super slackers here!!!
I hate this picture I look weird but its the only one.
Rilynn is throwin up the deuces with her daddy haha!!

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  1. you look GREAT! Glad you guys got to get away for a couple of days =)Cant wait to see you!


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