Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Week!

I cant believe its already been a week crazy how time flies...I know I said that a few times during this pregnancy but man a week went by so fast since shes been here. I have learned so much the last week. I feel like my natural mother instinct has kicked in and I'm seriously amazed at what I have become in just a weeks time. The old Lauren would have been so grumpy and pissed off if Chris woke me up in the middle of sleep... I'm talking almost like a little kid having a temper tantrum ya know what I mean? the new Lauren has this new found awake-ness in the middle of the night and is calm does what needs to be done and goes back to sleep without a gripe. This little girl could scream all night long and keep me awake and nothing makes me happier than to be holding her in my arms (as she screams too). I have no words to describe what it feels like to be a mom... just amazing.

We have some what a schedule going. She wants to eat almost every 3-4 hours. Shes been doing great and had her first check up on Monday. When we were discharged she weighed 6lbs 12.3oz and on Monday was 6lbs 13oz and the pedi was ok with that since my milk had just come in that Sunday morning.

Breastfeeding is going well so far. I have the usual sore nipples but that's to be expected. I have started a small stash as well which is nice. I am still confused on the whole storing thing and how many ounces to put in each freezer bag and blah blah. I'm sure ill get it eventually. I am pumping all day today to give my nips a break so hopefully for tonight's feedings they will be ok.

  • How far along were you when you had your baby? 39 weeks 4 days
  • How long was labor? From start to finish 32 hours. From when it got horrible 14.5 hours.
  • Total weight gain: 29lbs.
  • Total weight loss since: 17 lbs!! 13 more to go :)
  • Back into your own clothes yet? tank tops yes! pants that's a negative :( my hips are still to wide for my jeans I'm hoping in the next few weeks things will shrink so that when it starts getting cooler I wont have to go buy new jeans. 
  • Did you get stretch marks? Yes and they look terrible right now but if I just don't look at myself in the mirror for the next few weeks well be alright :)
  • Did you deliver vaginally or by c-section? Vaginally.
  • Best moment this week: I love it when Rilynn smiles they may not be intentional but I LOVE THEM and cant help but kiss her squishy cheeks.
  • What I miss about being pregnant: Nothing feels great to sleep now that I don't have giant belly in the way. I do miss her movements.
  • How big is baby: 6lbs or the most part shes happy and just stares around but definitely has her cranky periods and hates with a capital H having her diaper changed and being naked.
  • What I am looking forward to: Just watching our baby girl grow...I love every day and I love holding her on my chest it just so sweet and surreal. 

I attempted to take some one week photos today but she was totally not having it so this is all I got a screaming wiggly baby that wouldn't stay put!

And here's one more and I think her face says it all NO PICTURES TODAY MOM GAHHH!!
 And because I'm feeling good but still have some work to do...Here I am 1 week pp. I hate the pooch but everyday it gets smaller so I'm thinking positive!



  1. I love these!! ANd you look great! Kiss those cheeks for me and Eric. I am just going to have to let him choose between Rilynn and Lyla because I oficially can NOT choose! LOL.

  2. Lauren, she is so precious!!! And it's so sweet to hear you talk about being a mom- makes me so excited for when my day comes!


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