Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little smile!

Rilynn is 2 weeks old today and I was able to capture a tiny little smile on camera!! Here is my pretty munchkin!!

 Here I am 2 weeks pp and my tummy is getting smaller!! YAY!

Not a lot to report from last week...Ri is still doing good eating like a champ shes a hungry hungry little lady.  We went on our first walk around the neighborhood yesterday and that was nice to get out and get some fresh air! We also visited my work and had lunch on Tuesday. Rilynn did great and only got a little fussy at the end. All my co-workers loved seeing her!

I am currently still pumping and feeding breast milk with bottles and I seam to have a great supply. I pump every 4 hours and get anywhere from 5.5oz-6.5oz total and am able to still store quite a bit in the freezer!! I'm finally getting the hang of this pumping and storing thing :)

Since Rilynn has been soooo hungry and wanting to eat a lot it definitely shows in the diapers!! She is the poop/fart queen. Its hilarious she makes this really silly face and sound and that's how we know ones coming. Crazy how such a tiny pretty little girl can fart and poop as much as she does. 

That's all iv got for today :)


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  1. I love all the hair! And you look great for two weeks! Hope you're feeling great, too.


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