Monday, August 8, 2011

D-Day Scheduled

Iv been a bit of a post whore lately and this will likely be my last until we are a family of 3!!!! My induction date is scheduled for Wednesday 8/10 at 6:15am. I am a basket case right now... I feel so many emotions I'm excited I'm scared I'm nervous I'm anxious and I think now that its set in stone and I have my papers for the hospital its all starting to set in that in just a few days I will be a mom and Chris will be a dad and we are going to have a daughter. 

I feel like I want to cry... this day we've been waiting for is finally coming. I dont know what else to say I'm going to go with the flow and hope and pray for an easy uncomplicated delivery with the blood thinner crap and all that. 

Tomorrow the Mr. and I plan on spending the whole day doing a few last minute things and just enjoying each other as our lives are about to dramatically change for the better of course. I may treat myself to a pedi to help relax as I can already feel the tension in my shoulders :( And tonight we celebrate my last day of work for 8 weeks WOOO!!! I'm super excited about this and totally ready for this change. After my 8 weeks are up I will go back part time working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then from home a few hours on Mondays and Fridays. This schedule is perfect I cant wait!!

Welp I guess that's it... Ill blog ya when I'm a mommy!!!! Wish me luck


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