Tuesday, August 16, 2011

*Birth Story*

It all began on Wednesday August 10th 2011 at 5am when we got the phone call to report to the hospital between 6 an 6:30am. We arrived at the hospital got checked in to our room and settled. A nurse came in shortly after to start the IVs and pitocin. I was checked an was still only 1.5cm dilated and not really effaced with a posterior cervix. Rilynns head was in the way of my cervix so each time I had to have an internal it was PURE TORTURE!! They had me lift my butt off the bed so that they could reach far my cervix it was terrible. 

Around lunch time they checked me again to see if I had made any progress aaannndd there was none. I was feeling the contractions in my back but they weren't horrible I was still ok hanging out with our family and all that. It continued to be that way for pretty much the whole day until around 6pm when they shut the pitocin off and I continued to contract on my own and they were getting stronger in my back. They then decided to do cervadil overnight to see if that would get things going on their own and lucky for me IT WORKED!! 

At around 12am I needed something to help me sleep so they gave me a "cocktail" shot who knows what was in it but it was great for about 4 hours then I woke up around 4am with the worst back labor. I was in so much pain but managed to suffer in silence until 7ish when I finally woke Chris up crying I was in so much pain. I was shaking and couldn't stop. Each contraction was getting so intense I couldn't handle the pain. 

By 8am Thursday morning I was given an epidural finally because I was in active labor I just wasn't dilating and checked again I was STILL 1.5cm but had thinned out completely. My doctor was telling me that since my cervix is posterior and Rilynns head was in the way and not putting pressure on my cervix I wasn't dilating and also the LEEP procedure I had had on my cervix the previous summer left scar tissue so the decision was made to start pitocin again to make me contract stronger so I would dilate. So when they were hooking up the pitocin and starting the regular fluids the nurse noticed that my arm where the iv was had puffed up and the fluids were stuck just below my wrist and in my fore arm. So they had to switch sides for the IVs which was not fun it hurt and one HUGE bit of info my ob forgot to inform me about was that I did test positive for GBS and needed antibiotics for 4 hours before delivery. Nice right? I should have been informed but I also didn't even ask because i never heard back on my results and just assumed all was good since I never heard anything so that was lame but seriously once I got the epidural I was a new freaking woman it was amazing. Back labor is no joke. Things progressed very quickly after the epidural and by 1:30pm they were getting things ready for me to start pushing I only did about 10 sets of 3 pushes. The nurse asked me if I wanted to feel her head and THAT WAS CRAZY it was so cool. Chris was amazing during the entire labor process. I had always thought that he wouldn't want to see all that down there but in the moment he actually held my foot back and was such an amazing coach and watched everything happen and wasn't grossed out at all. It was such an amazing experience and at exactly 2:45 Rilynn Elizabeth Harrison enter the world at a healthy 7lbs 1oz 20 in long with the most beautiful full head of brown hair iv seen!! I was so overwhelmed with emotion I couldn't help but cry tears of joy that she was here!!

The recovery process has been a little rough I got 12 stitches and cant seem to get rid of the 90 year old grandma walk but every day I feel better so that gives me some hope that I will be normal again one day. Right after delivery I was uncontrollably shaking almost violently I couldn't help it I had a 103 temp and needed something to eat so they gave me crackers and juice and that helped. 

I think I got all the details in. What an experience. We are adjusting quite well with our new addition. As always its definitely difficult at times but we make a great team and I think we will get the hang of things soon. Our families have been amazing as well lots of easy meals have been made for us so were doing alright. Breastfeeding has been going great Rilynn is a champ and always ready to eat. 

and of course here are some photos of my sweet baby and the delivery!!

Going home!!
3 days old in her swing!!
My little cocoon baby

I love her face here and the little giraffe ears!



  1. I just found your blog and look forward to following! Your daughter is precious! We have a 6 month old boy :)

  2. yay!! oh my i can't wait to meet her!


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