Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby showers 1 and 2!

This is going to be a random post of photos!! First I will start with baby shower #1 hosted by my MIL and her 2 best friends.
The cake!!
 Mommy and Daddy's baby photos with Rilynn's ultrasounds in the middle! She is going to look just like her daddy
 Again the table where it was set up!
 A few place settings
 YUMMY chocolate pops
Diaper cake my fav Monica made I love it its so pretty
 Monica and I!!
Pack n play woohoo!!

I have a million more photos but whoever was in charge of picture taking decided they would snap every photo when I was making a horrible face with a big fat double chin so I wont bore you with those.

On to the next. This shower was thrown by my momma, her friend Pat and my grandmother. Again you will have to excuse the photo taker it was my sister in this case and she is the worlds worst picture taker. Their all blurry only a few turned out so here we go.
My sister, me and my mom

 Yum food!
Creepy face thank you Tricia

And that's about it those are pretty lame. I wish I had some that turned out but oh well... I took mental photos HAHA! I have finally just finished getting everything washed and organized from all the showers. It was fun putting everything in its place.

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