Monday, August 1, 2011

38 weeks

38 weeks today...still a waitin...I know I still have 2 weeks but I'm getting very impatient. I want to meet our little girl. I'm jealous of my friend that had her daughter July 4th. Its my turn its my turn come on come one!!!!!

ME! feeling large and in charge (but I guess not really in charge since the little one wont listen to me)

How far along?: 38 weeks!

Stretch marks?: unfortunately

Maternity clothes?: same old same old some of the tanks I bought are to short for me so I have maybe 4 outfits I'm wearing a week...I wash them don't worry :)

How big is baby?: welp last week est. was 7lbs 2oz. lets hope their a tad off!

Weight gain?: big mama over here tipped the scales at a horifying number last week that put me at about 30 lb gain :( hopefully in the next 2 weeks I wont gain 8 million more lbs...(my MickyDs breakfast probably doesnt help...?)

Sleep?: If you can believe it I didn't wake up once last night to pee...WHA??? I know I know its weird I woke up thinking hey why didn't I wake up to pee last night very strange. Sleep has been much better the last 2 weeks...I only wake up to pee and then fall right back asleep. Saturday night we went to bed around 12ish and we didn't wake up until 11ish it was WONDERFUL!!!!

Best moment this week?: A best moment for me right now since its 7:38am Monday morning  and I'm at work would be the McGriddle I just ate it was delish! But something that would make a best moment this week would be if our daughter decided to make her appearance!!!!! (hint.:. hint.:.nudge.:.nudge)

Gender?: sweet girl!

Movement?: still lots and lots!!

Belly button?: super ugly!!! its flat tho
What I miss?: I'm going to spare you on this question...

Labor signs?: Tons of BH and crampy period tummy has been a little weird the last few weeks but other than that...nada

What I'm looking forward to?: Having my beautiful baby girl in my arms!!!! I cant wait I have no words to explain how excited I am other than I just cant wait!

We set up the pack n play this weekend in our room for her to sleep in those first few months so that was exciting...what a piece of work to put together man...I got frustrated but here it is!!!

 And because shes soooo cute my little punkin head kitty sleeping away on the bed!!!

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