Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 34

Not a whole lot new to share this week kinda getting to the part where its the same old same old...my back and hips still hurt sleeping is getting worse heartburn is still a HUGE biatch and my legs feel heavy blah blah blah...

My stomach is still a stretchin and very itchy which is uncomfortable as well. So far tho the stretch marks seem to just be at the bottom of my belly so lets hope they stay there and don't go up the sides.

I think is it safe to say that I am officially checked out at work...I have no motivation all I want to do and think is baby baby baby. Not a lot of work is actually getting done while I am here :( My friend Stephanie had her baby yesterday Miss Lyla Grace and I am jealous I'm so excited for when its my turn!!! Her daughter is adorable and she seems to have had a great labor and delivery experience. I am going to visit them today after work at the hospital I cant wait!!

I have my first baby shower this weekend and I am STOKED!! I cant wait it should be a blast. So Monday I should have a post filled with wonderfulness!!!!!!!!!
Happy 34 weeks to me 6 more to go!

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