Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh My Dang!

um 'scuse me but if you haven't looked at a calender today its July 15th!! I'm due August 15th which means I have 31 days left and only 21 more work days... (cue total freak out) These last few months have flown by its crazy. In one short month our lives will be changed forever and we seriously cant wait. I like to think I'm a pretty patient person but for this I am not. I'm ready to meet my little girl Im ready for us to be a "family" I'm ready for maternity leave I'm just plain READY!!! So many people are having their babies and I feel like I'm the last one. I just cant wait. I dream about what she will look and be like and its just so surreal.

Rilynn checked out great at our ob apt yesterday. Her heart rate was 147 and she is very low and head down. He didn't do an internal like I thought he was going to and he said he doesn't want to do one on me until 37 weeks so we wait boo!! I know it really doesnt mean anything but it would be nice to know.

I have my 2nd to last baby shower on Sunday and I'm excited! My mom and grandma are throwing it and it should be lots of fun and Rilynn should get lots and lots of goodies!!! Ill update with a shower post once I'm all done!!

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