Monday, July 18, 2011

36 Weeks = horrible sleep

36 weeks down 4 more to go (maybe). I cant believe it time is flying! There are only 2 more weeks of July left. I have totally been in freak out organizing mode. I want to make sure we have everything we need and that everything is ready and that's hard to do since oh you know we've never done this before!!!!

I have made our final shopping list so we will complete that this up coming weekend and  then I think I will feel better once that is done and we have all that stuff. I had my 2nd baby shower over the weekend and it was so awesome! Lots of family it was nice to see everyone and talk about the baby. My sister unfortunately is the worlds worst picture taker and I only got about maybe 4 photos that are not blurry :( but Ill pull together some and share. 

I have one last baby shower on Wednesday with all my co-workers I'm excited!!! I feel so spoiled having all these baby showers. It really makes you step back and think about how much all your friends, family and co-workers care about you and are so generous for baby Rilynn. This is such an amazing time and to share it with the people I spend my life with daily is awesome!

Here I am 36 weeks feeling like I have a 10 lb medicine ball in my stomach.

I had another horrible nights sleep last night... I don't know if its from the showers but the same thing happened last Sunday night. I woke up around 1:45 and couldn't fall back asleep for a few hours. I was having bad indigestion and I just couldn't get comfortable so I sat on the couch and watched the Real Housewives of Jersey at 2am and now I'm at work exhausted still having bad indigestion after about a million tums and wanting to crawl back into bed. (repeats to self over and over 4 more weeks 4 more weeks)

Survey Time!

How far along?: 36 weeks!

Stretch marks?: There killin me smalls... seriously its terrible. They are not that dark but they itch like crazy and its like the grow off of each other. Its just sad :(
Maternity clothes?: some. I live in my target long and lean tanks and these stretchy skirts that are non-maternity.

Sleep?: Really??

Best moment this week?: Again it is Monday so ask me this question in a few days :)
Gender?: pretty girl!!

Movement?: still constant!! The cervix punches are killer I dont love them.

Belly button?: now flat and super ugly...
What I miss?: This may sounds silly but if you know me you know I'm a t-shirt kinda chick so I really cannot wait to wear just a normal my sized t-shirt. There so comfy and I have just really missed them the last few months so I cant wait till this belleh is gone and its t-shirt time haha!
Labor signs?: Lots and lots of stronger BH's. Some that almost make it hard to breath a little. I have had what I think are 4 real contractions over the last week but that would be it for labor signs. One more week till 37 (full term-ish) and then I say bring it on baby I'm uncomfortable.

What I'm looking forward to?: Going shopping this weekend. Believe it or not we have close to nothing in newborn size/ 0-3 as far as outfits so we will be doing lots of clothing shopping for little miss this weekend and I need to step it up on the accessories also!!
well friends hope your week is great! I'm going to try and put the fire out in my stomach now wish me luck.
How big is baby?: roughly 6 lbs...we will find out for sure next week at my peri appointment!

Weight gain?: 27 big ones as of last Thursday. I seriously feel like I cant possible get any bigger

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