Monday, July 11, 2011


Am I seriously 35 weeks pregnant today? Holy cow I was just 30 weeks what feels like just a few days ago. I cant believe we are coming in close to the end and am I getting ready.

That 3rd trimester insomnia iv read about has made an appearance to my things to complain about list. Last night was quiet possibly the worst night of sleep I have had this entire pregnancy. I couldn't get comfortable and then when I finally did I would get heartburn and have to sit up so I wouldn't throw up. I was hot all night and I even had the air on 69 and our fan on. My back was killing me from standing so much yesterday at the baby shower and I now know what my what to expect book is talking about when I read through the part about your sciatic nerve and how painful that can be. not cool. 

I have a weird smile in this picture this morning so ignore.

I'm hoping for a fast work week. My to-do list needs to get accomplished as well. Here is what I need to do by the end of this week:

  • Call the Pediatricians office and set up meeting for the 26th
  • Call day care!!!
  • Purchase some storage baskets for Rilynns closet.
  • Wash and organize baby clothes.
  • Install car seat
  • Pack hospital bag
That's about it for this week. I start my weekly doctor appointments this week and I have my first internal on Thursday...again not excited...iv heard its painful :(


  1. 35 weeks!! Wow!! You're tiny!! You look great!!

  2. yaaayyy!!!!!!! You look sooo cute!

  3. Not much longer! My sciatic nerve has been pinched since 36 weeks and it's the worst pain of all!...well, at least until you go to the doctor and they check you, that hurts too :)

  4. Ooh goody!! I can't wait then :( why does all this stuff have to be so painful and unfun.

  5. The internal is more uncomfortable than painful....but you will be so curious about your progress down there that you probably won't care!!

  6. That is so true I'm so anxious to know whats going on down there if anything. I "think" I have had a couple of real contractions over the last 2 weeks but I really don't know for sure.


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