Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fun!!

So in light of my first awkward pregnancy comment from a co worker I have a video to share that another one of my co workers emailed to me shortly after the awkward/RUDE comment.

But first let me start by saying... I have noticed how incredibly weird some people get when speaking to someone pregnant. They never know what to say. All of my conversations that have happened with complete strangers have turned really awkward. For instance last night we were at dinner with some friends and our waitress out of the blue just said congratulations and I was confused at first but then realized why she was saying that and said oh thank you then she asked when are you due blah blah blah and then the conversation ended with awkward stares and I went back to eating. Maybe its just me... So anyways on Tuesday I was talking with Stacy (co-worker) and she was asking how far along I was and all that stuff and then proceeded to ask me how much weight I had gained and I just said around 23 lbs. Her response.... WOOOOOOOOOOAH thats a lot. Then as if that response didnt slash me down she said "yea your face definietly looks fuller you can tell". UUUHHH really? gee thanks. I kinda brushed it off as I peared into the adjacent office I see 2 other co-workers of mine shaking their heads in disbeif and quietly laughing the butts off.
Now im sure she wasnt intentionally trying to hurt my feelings but I mean come on. I would NEVER say that to someone pregnant or not. I know my body/face/ankles are going to change A LOT in the next 2 months whether it be from swelling because its 8 million degrees or just plain old gaining weight. Im really ok with this. I want my daughter to be as healthy as possible and if that means me having to go through all this awful stuff then fine Ill survive for 73 more days. I wont look like this forever but please for the love whenever your speaking to a pregnant lady "LIE" and tell them they look wonderful and radiant and any other nice word you can come up with but please do not be honest. As if we dont already have self-confidence issues since our bodys are changing just tell me with a smile on your face I look pretty and I can go on about my day feeling good. Ha!!
Now onto the video. Its from the Ellen show. She always likes to have fun with all the weird info-mercials but this one is one of the weirdest I have seen. ENJOY!! youll understand why she sent it to me after the first 30 seconds.

Get it....the face trainer. Since my face is apparently looking fuller these days. She thought this would help!!! Happy Friday!

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  1. I can't believe the things people say! She is rude and look great!


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