Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Exciting 32 weeks!!

Well hello!! I was absent last week and you should thank me. I was grumpy all week and was just in a bithcin mood so be thankful I didn't blog. But this week I feel will be a great week!!! I have my usual complaints and a few new ones but Ill get to that later.

We got a surprise this weekend when my mother in law bought our stroller and car seat this weekend which was totally unexpected and amazing!!! She had wanted to go to babiesRUs so that we could show her everything we had picked out on our registry and after tons of research and changing my mind a bajillion times actually trying these things out was a huge help so I'm glad we spent the day there. I had never actually folded down a stroller so I felt like a dumb ass trying to fold up the strollers while Chris and his mom just stood there watching I had no clue what I was doing it was kind of comical... So without further adue I present to your our final product!!!

This guy right here is my favorite. This will be perfect for our lifestyle. We like to take walks and be outside a lot plus this folds so fast and easy its perfect and gender neutral which is exactly what I wanted. It is also not too bulky or heavy and since it folds up so easy its a piece of cake to put in the car. I'm really happy with it. It looks a little boyish in the photo but if you see it in real life its lighter colored. So yay we checked that off the list!!

Here's yours truly at 32 weeks!!! Do you like my new dress? I caved and went maternity dress shopping I was getting way to uncomfortable in my other clothes its officially time for maternity stuff.

How far along?: 32 weeks!

How big is baby?: 4 lbs exactly as of this morning at our peri appt.!!

Weight gain?: still fluctuating between 20-23 lbs

Stretch marks?: UUMMMM I'm afraid so I think I found one on the lower part of my stomach and I cant see it without a mirror but I cried and boo hooed and Chris just thought I was crazy yesterday. Its still sad but theres nothing I can do for right now.

Maternity clothes?: Yes. I bought a new maternity dress and some long and lean tanks from target very comfy!!

Sleep?: Its alright once I actually fall asleep but until then I'm tossing and turning. When I lay on my right size I feel like I cant breath but when I lay on the left size my stomach feels to heavy and my hips/back hurt. 8 more weeks I can do this!!!

Best moment this week?: the travel system being purchased!!! and we had an appointment today with the peri for level 2 ultrasound and got to see Ri again and holy cow was she showing off!!!! She is absolutely adorable she switched it to 3D and we got to see her pretty little face perfectly. Unfortunately their printer was broken so they are mailing them to us :( Ill post them as soon as we get them its just amazing!!!

Gender?: girl!

Movement?: still constant! definite kicks to ribs now :(

Belly button?: in but when I stand up it pokes out

What I miss?: Oh boy...get ready: bending over, eating without feeling like it could come back up in any minute, not burping all the time, not having to use a heating pad every night, my eyes not watering (this is a new symptom very strange) my skinny small behind :( I think I'm starting to waddle a little because shes so low down already.

Labor signs?: Still braxton hicks all the time but now when I get them they are a little bit more intense and it makes me feel like I have to pee while its happening. My back is also hurting a lot more at night I don't think that's a labor sign just a common symptom but very annoying none the less.

What I'm looking forward to?: relaxing and my baby showers that are coming up! Chris and I are really trying to enjoy these last few weeks as just the 2 of us and spending time together going out with friends and the freedom we have right now before everything changes.

I still cant get over how amazing the ultrasounds we had today were. That pretty little thing is growing inside me and I just cant wait to meet her. I love her with all my heart already and I cant wait till shes in my arms at home with her mommy and daddy!!!!

**I will post those pictures as soon as I get them I cant wait to show her off!!!!

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