Monday, June 27, 2011

Ahh the movement

IS KILLIN ME.....OUCH seriously ouch. I feel like she has really sharp feet, elbows and hands. Its so uncomfortable when she moves now and it sticks out so far when she does move. She needs to chill it out in there take a nap. At times when I feel a jab to the cervix it almost feels like she could stick her hand out and wave its so weird. I do not like it.

I'm 33 weeks today hooray getting closer and closer and I think the labor & delivery is setting in. I'm getting nervous. I wish I knew what I was looking for in labor. I don't know what to expect and you can really only read so much about it. I'm afraid I'm not going to know when I'm having a real contraction and that if I call they will send me to L&D and then send me home because I wasn't really having contractions. I'm anxious if my water will break and where I will be. I'm afraid of the pain obviously involved with all this and how I can handle it. I don't want to be the lady that didn't really feel contractions until it was too late and she couldn't get an epi...THAT would be horrible. 

I think the fact that I am getting and epidural is calming me a little but everything before I get to that point scares me. In my head I can see myself being calm and cool when I think I'm in labor but in all reality I definitely am a freaker outer if ya know what I mean. Iv gotten better much better but I don't want to be all frantic and crazy. WOOSAHHH ill just keep saying that. Chris will keep me calm hes always so rational. I didn't want to have a birth plan so that I can keep an open mind through all this but what I do know I want is that I want an epidural. I do not *I repeat* DO NOT want to be induced and I would like to avoid a c-section at all cost unless my baby is in danger and needs out immediately.Iv been doing a lot of reading on inductions and while it would be nice to meet little Rilynn on a scheduled day earlier there can be complications that end in emergency c-sections so I really would like for my body to do the work when its ready and of course if necessary I will not object and do whatever it takes for her to get here safe.

The anticipation is definitely building and I'm also getting so excited. My friend is due any day now and I feel like holy crap its her turn already and then its mine. I feel like we have been waiting forevvvvvver but now its here the time has come. In a few days she will be a mom and in a few weeks so will I. CRAZY. 

I didn't take a picture today because I look like poo but I do have some pictures from last week. Hubb got tickets to the Braves game so fun! Our seats were right behind the dugout it was perfect we also had passes into the 755 club which is air conditioned double bonus so we ate dinner there it was so good. The weather was perfect because right when we got into Atlanta it got cloudy so I did not sweat like a pig it was fantastic!!

Brian McCann
 Please excuse how HUGE I look compared to my husband :( I feel like a beast. This was us eating at the 755 club outside

And that's it. I am unfortunately STILLLLLLL waiting on our 3D printouts to arrive from my peri's office. I'm pissed everyday I cant wait to come home and see if there in the mail and there not. I will wait a few more days and then its on I want to see my baby's sweet little face again and share it too :) 

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