Monday, June 6, 2011

30 weeks!!

Holy cow I'm 30 weeks pregnant... for some reason this just sounds monumental!!! I thought id never get here and now its going by so fast. Even from my 29.2 post just saying I'm 30 weeks sounds so different. So I have decided to do a little comparison from 10,20 and 30 weeks. What a difference!
10 Weeks                                                          20 Weeks                                                            

30 weeks!!

This week should be good. I have a doctors appointment with my regular ob on Wednesday and we will get another ultrasound of pretty little lady. If I'm not mistaken after this appointment I will be seeing my regular ob and peri every 2 weeks until the end. So that's 2 appointments every 2 week and lets hope they make them for the same week so I'm not at the doctors EVERY week.

I unfortunately have another doctors appointment this week on Friday at 8am but it has nothing to do with babies or pregnancy...its the dentists my favorite!!  I really don't want to go but I need to my wisdom teeth (yes I still have them in) are killing me. So I need to at least get checked out to make sure theres no infection or anything like that that could harm Rilynn or myself. I honestly want to lie on the floor, cry and kick and squirm like a child that's how much I don't want to go to the dentists. I'm terrified. I need to find my big girl panties before Friday or were in trouble.


How far along?: 30 Weeks

How big is baby?: Just over 3 lbs and roughly 17 inches long!!

Weight gain?: I'm fluctuating a lot so I'm going to guess between 20-23 lbs so far.

Stretch marks?: None still

Maternity clothes?: No just summer dresses. I do have those 2 maternity dresses that are really comfy.

Sleep?: Its still just alright. I did however order a magic pillow! its pretty amazing.  

Best moment this week?: Welp I say this every time since its Monday so nothing yet but I cant wait for my apt on Wednesday!

Gender?: sweet little lady

Movement?: Still TONS AND TONS!!!

Belly button?: in for now!!
What I miss?: lots of things and we'll leave it at that. Its all worth it in the end :) 

Labor signs?: The BH's are getting more frequent that's about it. She has 10 more weeks to cook...stay in there little one!!

What I'm looking forward to?: I am super excited about our maternity ward tour this weekend!!!

I put together my first baby toy and it was FUN!! Look how cute this little play mat is.  
Something sad that happened today..... THIS
Time for a new pair of sunnies I suppose!!!

And one last photo of our waterfall thing in our backyard I thought the picture turned out really cool.

And that's all folks!!

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  1. you look SO cute!! =) Little Miss Thang is growing!! She will be here before you know it! Ahhh!!!


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