Wednesday, June 1, 2011

29.2 Weeks!

So now that I got all my complaining out yesterday, Today is a new day and im ready for it!! We are 29.2 weeks today. I cant beleive there are only 10ish weeks until we get to meet little miss Rilynn. I am getting very very excited and I think the "nesting" thing has kicked in. This past weekend I had a whole list of cleaning supplies I wanted to get that were not so harsh on the chemicals so that I could start the cleaning and reorganizing our different closets. Chris was very confused as I tried to explain that "nesting" happens he just looked at me like I was making it up so I shoved my what to expect book in his face and said SEE its real HA!

Momma got a new toy this weekend also!!!!!! That I love and am so excited about but have no clue how to use it really so I have been doing lots of research. This little guy right here is my new BFF.
Hubbs and I were taking all kind of pics over the weekend. Our thought process on buying an expensive-er camera was so that when Ri gets here we will be able to take thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of good quality photos that we will be able to cherish and document forever. Since in the last year or so I have become very frugal and I now feel the need to justify my purchases this was huge for me. I almost feel guilty for spending that much money on a camera but I really wanted it and Chris knows how much I really wanted a nice new camera to take pictures of our new little family. Now I have never been camera savy so this might be interesting so we shall see. Bare with me while I learn all the different settings and such.

Our memorial day weekend was very chill. We didnt do much just hung around the house Chris did a bunch of yard work I lounged at the pool with 3 of my pregnant friends it was great nice and relaxing. I am happy this week is a short week hopefully it will go by faster than last week.

I started the project last night of the letter for the nursery. We painted them white over the weekend and I begun to cut ribbon so Ill update later once I get them hung up!!


  1. Yay for the new camera! Doug surprised me with one for Christmas, and even though it's a lot of money, it's worth it. I am still trying to learn so I can take good pictures of our future kids, but I'm too scared to take it off of auto yet! :)

  2. Ha!! Yea I'm afraid if I move it off auto I will mess something up and then it won't work the same lol.


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