Monday, May 9, 2011

A Vacay :)

26 Weeks folks!! Were truckin along and im feeling good.My lower back aches but thats what heating pads are for and I LOVE MINE!! So here is my beautiful self this tired early morning...

Only one more week of the 2nd tri and I cant beleive I will be in the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy. Its really true that after the 1st the 2nd just really flies!!!

How far along?: 26 Weeks

How big is baby?: 2 lbs!!! and around the size of an eggplant
Weight gain?: 15 lbs so far.
Stretch marks?: None still

Maternity clothes?: not yet I cant find any short/capris that fit so Iv given up and will wear dresses all summer.

Sleep?: its ok getting more uncomfortable.

Best moment this week?: So far its 8:02 on Monday so I would say nothing yet.

Food cravings?: Still hungry constantly any and all food!!
Gender?: a little lady

Movement?: TONS and TONS and TONS!!

Belly button?: in still but tight

What I miss?: I miss all of my summer shorts and skirts....I want to wear them but they do not fit.
Labor signs?: no but lots of Braxton Hicks still.
What I'm looking forward to?: 2 DAYS!!!!!

Yesterday was Mothers Day and it was lovely...we spent the day with my SIL and nephew. We went to lunch and then to the dam and played in the water although it was FREEZING and saw some goats. Evan mustered up the courage to actually feed one a chip it was so cute. It was nice and relaxing although by the time we got home man was I exhausted. I got my very first "Mother-To-Be" card!!! I was surprised I didnt think they made cards for pregnant women so that was special and I got Happy Mothers Day texts all day which was exciting I cant wait till Ri is here!!

Other exciting events going on this week is......On Wednesday I will be......

In San Destin probably eating here.....
Our favorite restaurant!!! So Delish :)
And I will definietly have one of these to drink

VIRGIN of course!!!!

I am so excited!! We go every year with my MIL this will be our 5th time. Im excited to relax and just enjoy the beach EEEEeeeeee I cant wait! 2 more days of work and Im outa here!! We will return on the following Monday which sucks but im excited because I have a doctors apt with the peri that Tuesday to check Rilynn out and we will get another level 2 ultrasound so that will be good well get some great pictures of our little chica and then Wednesday I have a doctors apt with the regular ob to do the glucose test (YUCK!! iv heard all about this and Im not excited) and to have another ultrasound to check my cervix and baby also. So we have a busy next couple of weeks and I have a feeling May will FLY!! Thats all for now

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