Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Somebody call the WHAA-mbulence

I need to get this out. Hubbs is annoyed with me since there is absolutely nothing he can do to make me feel better or help. So...lucky you

One. This heartburn might kill me...Iv NEVER ever had heartburn do this is like death to me. I cant hardly sleep laying down I feel like everything will come right back up. If I move weird it starts the bubblin in the tummy. constant acid after every burp

Two. My stomach muscles are achy and they don't work at the moment. Bleh

Three. My skin looks like a snakes skin. I'm so dry it unbelievable. Just call me flaky mcflakerson!

Four. my baby "RUMP" is huge and only getting bigger this makes me sad and there is nothing I can do about it for now.

Five. My tailbone is killin me as well...it hurts when I walk, sit and stand still. Luckily the heating pad has help tremendously

Six. Leg cramps...WTF I cant stretch my legs without getting one. Charlie horses are the worst :(

Seven. I may never wear a bikini again...the moles I have on my tummy are stretching which make for a very very ugly stomach. Im extremely self concious about my skin and my stomach.
Eight. I now get a sharp pain in my boobs... this is just not cool not cool at all.

Nine. My ears and nose are stuffy. stupid pregnancy symptoms

Ten. I just feel like a big fat fatty mcgee and only getting bigger. Looking in the mirror before my showers does not help this either.

THERE im done no more complaining. Im over it I just needed to get this all out so that I can move on. I feel better and now my poor husband doesnt have to hear all this again for the 18th millionth time.


  1. Umm...the last picture you posted, you looked amazing! And I'm sorry to hear about the symptoms...hopefully they will clear up soon!

  2. Ugh!! Well thanks its hard watching your body change so dramatically so fast.

  3. YOu look great Lauren! But I completely understand not feeling that way when everything is changing! Once Rilynn and Eric are here us moms need to take a kick boxing class to get in shape...you watch we will be back in bikinis by next summer! =) love ya!


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