Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Decorating brain block

First I need to share what was waiting for me when I got home today!!! Rilynn's "coming home" outfit! I absolutely LOOVE it!

Now onto photos of my sweet baby girl who has found a very comfy spot (head down!!!) and did not want to move out of that position so show mommy and daddy her beautiful face but that's ok. This profile picture is from my 20 week apt with the peri that I don't think I showed but i cant remember so here it is again.

The peri noticed that Rilynn already had TONS of hair!

and here is her arm and that's about all we got from BOTH ultrasound :( We go back in 3 weeks to my regular ob so maybe she will show us then...

Alright now onto my reason for this post... I cannot for the life of me get my creative juices flowing and start decorating the nursery. Every time I start to think of ideas I change my mind. I just don't know what to do. Whenever I do have an idea I cant find what I'm looking for I'm in a rut and it needs to be fixed!!! I want to get her nursery FINSIHED. I did score something exciting today at Michael's 2 perfect purple and white baskets that were only $6 each they were originally $15 so HOORAY for me!

I need some ideas to incorporate some green into the purple and white thing iv got going on here. I also found those light green flowers at Michael's and I liked them so I thought id add them in to start the green thing. Welp I guess I'm off to surf the net some more for ideas and see if I can finally get started and get something accomplished sometime soon.

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  1. Well.... You could get those bigger wood letters that spell her name and paint them the colors you want and then hang up each letter by ribbon. You could do plain white and purple and use green/purple or green/white ribbon. Get her name done in those vinyl letters from Uppercase Living and put it over her bed. Or, you could do those box shelves that go on the wall, like maybe three or four and then fill the shelves with little purple/white/green things. You could find scrapbook paper with cute designs in those colors and then put a white frame around it with a mat (I saw that on a home decor show the other day). You could get nice paper or note cards and have you and Chris each write a special note to the baby about how you are excited to meet her, etc and then frame them with purple/white/green frames and put them on the bookshelves. Get the small square canvases and paint them. ...I'm all out of ideas now. Hopefully you liked some of them


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