Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3rd Trimester and stuff

Ill start off with our amazing Destin vacay!!! It was absolutely wonderful and relaxing...I'm sad to be back at work today :( but I will admit I was a little ready to be home and in our own bed!! Here is your view from the condo BE JEALOUS!!!! The water was crystal clear.
And here is my view from my chair I was laying out in

Here's the hubb and I out one of the days with some of our friends that live down there. They have a fishing boat so we went out to Crab Island (huge area of knee deep water) for the day and had a blast! My mom suit worked out great :)

Here is another view from the condo this picture is brighter!!

One night we went to Baytowne Wharf. This picture is crappy I took it with my phone but we had a blast there and ate at this amazing restaurant the food was delish!!

And that's about all the pictures I have from our trip :( I failed miserably with picture taking. I wanted to take pictures of us on the beach at sunset and all these other photo ops but they never happened. I'm sad but we have mental photos of our trip LOL. Any who we did lots of adventurous things this trip. On our second night we went on a night sail which was pretty darn cool. I had never been sailing before so it was an awesome first experience. Then we did the whole crab island thing here's what it looks like. Its cool.
Hubb got to go deep sea fishing with our friends. They took him out he had a blast and caught lots of fish. They left so early in the morning at 4 AM!!! that's crazy when your on vacation but he was really really excited to go so here he is with a red snapper I think.

and now for me 27 weeks and I'm officially in the 3 trimester!! I cant believe it I'm so excited.

I feel a little bigger and how do you like my tan?? I love it!! Today I have my 2nd doctors appointment with the perinatologist. I'm excited/nervous...we get the great level 2 ultrasound that I'm excited about the quality of the images are great and I'm nervous because I want everything to still be ok and I cant help but feel a little anxious. So I will have an update with the photos from that later. I also have my regular ob appointment tomorrow morning so we will have another ultrasound to check cervical length and all that. I have the 1hr glucose test in the morning so that should be tons of fun as well :)

I have a few pictures from my friends baby shower that I went to a few weeks back that was great. Here is a diaper cake one of her friends made for her. So cute!
Here is the adorable cake one of her other friends also made for here. It was absolutely the cutest cake I have seen and it was pretty yummy!!

Here we are!! She was 31 weeks and I was 25 weeks. I look horrendous but she certainly looks adorable!

I guess that's it for now... Ill update on baby Ri later this week.

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  1. Looks like yall had a BLAST! Where did you get your mommy bathing suit?! I want one that is strapless and have not found one!! =( Your belly is SO cute!! Ri is growing! =)


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