Monday, May 23, 2011

28 Weeks

Its Monday I'm tired here's the survey...

How far along?: 28 weeks

How big is baby?: 2.2lbs as of last week :)

Weight gain?: I had a HUGE jump in weight the last few weeks (too many cookies) so 18-20 lbs total gain and I'm ok with this.
Stretch marks?: None still

Maternity clothes?: I only have about 2 maternity dresses everything else I can wear regular. for now anyway
Sleep?: Horrible this weekend...Saturday I had the worst indigestion and had to sleep sitting up it was terrible.

Best moment this week?: My pretty little girl is still growing perfect so I'm am a happy momma AND I passed my glucose test woot woot! But I did find out that I have a negative blood type so today at 1:30 I have an apt with a very large needle to the buttocks for a shot of Rhogam that will prevent my body from creating antibodies to attack Rilynns blood :( not excited AT ALL!!
Gender?: girl

Movement?: Still TONS AND TONS!!!
Belly button?: in still

What I miss?: not having to burp all the time... I have so much air in my stomach that I burp/hiccup all the time even when I haven't eaten anything. 

Labor signs?: no but lots of Braxton Hicks still.

What I'm looking forward to?: I am looking forward to next weekend its a 3 day!! Woohooo 


  1. just found your blog and i love it! :) you have a small bump! hope everything goes well! xx


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