Friday, April 8, 2011

This needs to be documented!!!

I have officially overcome my fear of injection!!! On Monday 4/4 and Thursday 4/7 I was faced with a situation I thought wouldn't come for at least a few months.

I Lauren had to do my first injections alone .:GASP:. I know I know your probably thinking that doesn't sound like a big deal but let me tell you it was. Here's the story.

With hubbs job we never really know when he will get called in or when he will have to go out of town or work late its a very random schedule and we must be flexible at all times. He is a detective with the DEA (sounds cool doesn't it!) Well anyways Monday night he had just gotten home around 5ish and was relaxing when he got called out to go in to work so he quickly packed up and left. So then about an hour later I'm sitting there watching TV on the couch and it hits me OH MY DANG Chris didn't give me my shot before he left. Que panic attack. So then of course I immediately call my dad because in the previous post about us having a blood clotting disorder he has done this before and can walk me through it. He did and it took a lot of encouragement from him and you know what the second he said " your doing it for Rilynn to keep her safe" I jumped off the couch went into the kitchen got myself ready stared at the syringe for a good 10 minutes and then just did it. I did it I really did it and it didn't hurt at all it was a piece of cake. I felt so good and proud of myself after that. While its great for Chris to just do it (hes quick) I  can do this whenever he is not home.

So again I was faced with this last night and it took only about half the time to muster up the courage but success again!!! I feel great that I have overcome this fear and am a "big girl now" ha.

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