Thursday, April 7, 2011

So many choices im confused

There are about 800 million different strollers/car seats to choose from and I am just over whelmed!!!

At first in the earlier months I was set on the Chicco travel system but now after doing tons and tons of research a lot of women just say its not practical the strollers are too bulky and its just not worth the money.

Now I don't have any already mommy friends to get advice from so I believe I have come to a decision (for now at least). Iv read a lot about snap n gos. Sounds like it makes sense and would be the most reasonable while Rilynn is 0-6 months. I dont think we will be doing a lot of outsideness since her 0-6 months will be winterish.
I want to keep the "baby gear" as neutral as possible so that when baby #2 comes along (not for a while :)) we can reuse.

As for an every day stroller this one was tough there are so many mixed reviews on strollers that I just had no clue. On the bump community I have read a lot of posts about the baby jogger city mini. It sounds amazing easy to maneuver easy to fold and so forth. SO that's what I want :) I havent read anything negative about this stroller yet.
I love this!!

I just dont know if I am 100% sold on the snap n go thing yet. There is just too much product out there to choose from.

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