Monday, April 4, 2011

Sappy moment

This weekend was beautiful and relaxing!! My kind of weekend. We set up the crib and attempted to figure out how to put on the breathable bumpers since they did not come with directions. That was challeneging but we managed to get it (we think).
Next task on the list is decorating!!! I have got to start looking for a glider and all the little nick nacs I want. The bedding has been ordered so Im excited for that to come in.

Im 21 weeks today and feeling good! The Lovenox shots have not been that bad. I am getting stupid little bruises that are not cute at all but I can live with it no bikini for me mom suite it is this summer!! Heres my tiny bump im so proud of it
Do I look any tanner?? I sun bathed while chris did yard work and got a little crispy woops but I needed some color.

The sappy moment I had this weekend was Sunday afternoon I went to subway to get lunch for us and on my way home the radio played the Carrie Underwood song All American Girl and of course I teared because the words are just too sweet and it just made me smile thinking about our little girl and how excited we both are getting that she will be here in no time and that she is our perfect little princess. The song just really touched me when thinking about Chris and his little girl. Just sweet!

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