Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ouch 24 weeks

Woo 24 weeks PREGNANT!! Same old same old here except last week I had a horrible case of round ligament pain. It was bad and I mean really bad. It was Thursday and it hit me in the middle of the night when I got up to pee. This sharp shooting pain that lasted about 30 seconds and went away but left a dull achy crampy feeling for the rest of the day. My lower back also was achy and hurt I felt like an old lady. Chris brought me home one of those ThermaCare heating pad things and it was amazing it felt so good on my lower back. I couldn't stand to be at work the whole day so I left around 2 and went home to rest and sleep. Woke up the next day perfectly normal. Its weird how it can come and go.
Now I still feel the sharp pain whenever I move to quickly but haven't been crampy since. So I'm doing pretty good. The heartburn is still torture but its manageable with tums. Here I am...
Sorry the mirror is dirty apparently I have been neglecting our guess bathroom when I clean.
I'm also feeling a little large and I'm not talking about my belly. I know every pregnant woman probably feels this way at some point but I feel like I'm gaining all my weight in my bootay and legs. I do not like this and that is all I will say instead of boring you with image issues.
Rilynn has been very active as always. Some of my co-workers got to see her moving from the outside this week and they just thought that was amazing. I love watching my stomach move that probably wont ever get old. Its so cute!
We also have nursery progress and I'm excited to show you. We got the chair in and I LOVE IT!! it is exactly what I was wanting. Plus we hung the curtains and it totally made the room feel more complete.
The lighting is dim but the chair rocks and is white. See the little bunny that would be Rilynns first stuff animal that her Nana brought for her the other day. It matches perfect :)

The changing table wall.

The mobile shifted when I was hanging it so I will have to go back and fix it.

I know the room looks tiny and it is for sure but its really the perfect size for little miss since this is just our "starter home"

Up close to the skirt. I don't think I am loving the breathable bumpers I really want to get the matching ones but Chris is against it :( I suppose it looks alright I just think its kind of bland.

This would be Rilynns collection of clothes so far. I just love looking at them and trying to image a tiny little baby girl in them...I just cant wait. My mom got her the outfit with the kitty face on it and one of the onesies says "this is what cute looks like" and I just think that is the cutest thing :)

We still have tons of work to do in there so the next few months I will be CREATIVE and get this room beautiful for her arrival.

And now for the survey...

How far along?: 24 Weeks 2 days

How big is baby?: At last weeks apt she weighed in at 1.5 lbs little cutie!

Weight gain?: up 11 lbs probably 12 now its been a week. That seems to be my trend a pound a week.

Stretch marks?: None still

Maternity clothes?: Ugh this is whole nother post in its self...terrible experience I will share later but NO I am not in maternity yet
Sleep?: same as last week its alright... 

Best moment this week?: From last week at my apt my cervix still looked perfect no change!
Food cravings?: Basically any food is what I'm craving...I have been an eating machine I'm starving 24/7

Gender?: a little lady

Movement?: I'm convinced we have a dancer all ready in there just like momma!

Belly button?: in but getting more and more shallow each week.

What I miss?: I was watching Housewives of OC and they all had a frosty glass of pinot and I got a little jealous it just looked really good.

Labor signs?: no but lots of Braxton Hicks still.

What I'm looking forward to?:  My friends baby shower this weekend!!! I cant wait and I have a girls night dinner party at one of my other friends house on Sunday that I'm excited for also!!! I have a fun weekend ahead. Oh and also our annual Destin trip is coming up with the MIL and I love this trip is it always relaxing. In 2 weeks ill be sittin in the sand enjoying a "virgin" pina colada and I cant wait. I better get myself a maternity bathing suit...I hadn't thought of that :(

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