Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holy Crap!!

In 4 short months our daughter will be here and OMG I feel as if I have so much to do and get and not enough time or money to get it all done!
I cant remember if I told you I was going to try and get crafty...well I did and I think I succeeded. I made a cute little pom pom mobile out of tissue paper and fishing line for above her crib and I think it turned out perfect :)

Now all I have to do is hang it with either clear hooks or thumb tacks. Right now it is taped up there.

My to do list is long so hopefully we will accomplish everything before sweet baby arrives!

My to do list so its documented: This is only my to do list for the nursery it does not included EVERYTHING else I have to get done in preparation for Rilynn :(
  • Find/purchase chair for nursery
  • Find/purchase small book shelf
  • Find/purchase a lamp
  • Find/purchase a rug (ugh!!)
  • Get closet organizers and install
  • Either get crafty again or use Etsy for cute decor (I have lots of blank wall space right now)
  • Start buying diapers and wipes
Once this list is completed the nursery will be finished!!!

For the chair situation I cannot decided between getting a "real" nursery glider or a regular chair. Here is what I have picked out and can hopefully make a decision soon!


  1. Love it! I like the big comfy chair best.. looks wise! But I am getting a glider..I just think the foot stool is more comfortable and I think the baby will like rocking. =) But they are both cute!

  2. We get our diapers, wipes, and formula at Costco and it saves a TON of money!


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