Wednesday, April 20, 2011

23 Weeks

23 week and 2 days today! I have a doctors apt at 3 today for another ultrasound and cervical check. Lets hope nothing has changed since 3 weeks ago!!

I have been having crazy indigestion and heart burn as you probably noticed from my Monday post I was in a grump about it its awful! Anything I eat just BURNS!!! Iv also been getting a lot more braxton hicks usually over the weekend and I'm going to tag it with its because I don't drink as much water over the weekends as I do during the work week. So I am trying to get better at this. Chris and I bought these huge jug things so I keep one filled up in the fridge at home and try to drink one whole one every night and then like 5 whole ones each day on the weekend!!

The weight gain I believe has begun... I gained 4 lbs in 3 weeks .:tries not to cry:. This is hard for me. Before becoming pregnant I was very weight conscious and ate really good and healthy all the time. Now that I'm not in the first tri anymore I'm trying to get my eating back on track since I have no more food aversions but I just cant seem to pass up Chick-Fil-A AT LEAST once a week :) I crave it its so good. Like yesterday I brought brown rice and broccoli to eat for lunch and while that sounds great and nutritious I headed straight for Chick-Fil-A once someone brought it up in the office. I'm trying not to beat myself up too much but this is definitely a challenge for me.

Oh and I almost forgot...TMI I'm leaking ALREADY!!! I was wearing a white tank top the other weekend and Chris looked at me really funny and said you got something on your shirt and I looked down and bam there it was. Looks like I need to start wearing those pad things UGH

Welp here's yours truly at 23 weeks!!

Definitely getting bigger RIGHT!!! I'm excited. Iv gotten some comments last week from our UPS lady that made me excited that people can start to notice there is a baby in there and its not just a beer gut.

How far along?: 23 Weeks

How big is baby?: Rilynn sound be a little over a pound this week and still about the size of a papaya.

Weight gain?: I'm gonna go with 11lbs now since I got on the scale this morning but well see what the doctors scale says this afternoon... its always different.

Stretch marks?: None so far

Maternity clothes?: No although I'm sure my co-workers are going to start thinking I'm funky because only about 6 of my spring non maternity dresses might be time to do a little shopping :)

Sleep?: Sleeping is still annoying and still peeing  a million times a night.

Best moment this week?: I like every day this week so far. I love seeing our baby move in my belly. I think she might of had the hiccups too but I'm not sure...

Food cravings?: nothing really this week...I haven't wanted cheese which is very odd.

Gender?: daddy's little princess!

Movement?: Still constantly. I love it I feel her all over the place in there and I love just watching my stomach move and jump.

Belly button?: in but a little tight after I eat.

What I miss?: Showering is becoming a bit more difficult. We have a stand up cube shower and I feel like I am not going to fit in there once I get really big. Its hard to shave my legs.

Labor signs?: no just BH

What I'm looking forward to?:  Getting the chair for the nursery!! It should arrive between the 25-29 :)


  1. Don't sweat the weight- you look adorable!

  2. Yay, you found a chair! Which one did you go with? And what is this about a UPS Lady? What happened to Jerry and BC? You look beautiful!!

  3. Yes UPS lady!! She is only here when Jerry is out of town...we actually have a bunch of replacements it just happened to be her and she noticed.


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