Monday, April 11, 2011

22 Weeks and a very boring weekend.

22 weeks and still feeling the same. Ill get right into the survey and then tell you all about our super fun weekend NOT.

How far along?: 22 Weeks

How big is baby?: This week Rilynn reaches the 1lb mark! and is about the size of either a spaghetti squash or papaya.

Weight gain?: Still around 7lbs maybe more since Saturday night ended in a 10:30 run to Wendy's for a frosty and not just a regular frosty the one with oreos in it .:nom nom nom:.

Stretch marks?: None so far

Maternity clothes?: No maternity. I tried on all my spring dresses last week and surprisingly about half of them fit and will probably still fit for at least the next month since my baby is hiding somewhere in my stomach.

Sleep?: Sleeping is annoying...peeing 8 times a night and flip flopping gets old.

Best moment this week?: Well its Monday so well see...

Food cravings?: Still cheese. I would really like some pancakes this morning tho. I'm hungry all the time I already ate breakfast and I'm hungry again :)

Gender?: sweet baby girl!!

Movement?: ALL THE TIME!!! It makes me laugh when I see her punch my belly and it moves...I'm not sure why maybe because it jiggles

Belly button?: in but a little tight after I eat.

What I miss?: nothing as of now...I had myself a NA Coors light this weekend while I layed out. PERFECT

Labor signs?: Nope but I always get braxton hicks over the weekend and I'm thinking its because I drink so much water during the work week that on the weekends I kind of forget

What I'm looking forward to?: My friends baby shower on the 30th...I'm super excited :)

So on to our uneventful weekend...While it was relaxing Chris and I were sooo incredibly bored. We did movie night and pizza Friday and just hung out then Saturday we went to lunch with Katie (sil) and little Evan (nephew) at Ceveche my fav yum yum in down town Roswell. Then just shopped around. We found some while linen curtains for Rilynns room and then went home and grilled crab legs for dinner (these were delicious). Went to bed early like a pair of old geezers. Then Sunday I layed out for a bit and then we decided to go on a hike up Sawnee Mountain a 3 mile hike... and I did it with lots of water a pit stop to pee and encouragement from Chris :) It felt good to do this 5 months pregnant I needed some exercise!! Thats about it my friends. This week nothing special I just want to get through the work week, hang the curtains and paint some shelves white!!!

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  1. Lovin the baby bump!! Yayyyy! You look so cute! Hope the week goes by quick for ya!


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