Friday, March 25, 2011


Iv been neglecting my blog the last 2 weeks :( we had a lot going on! Here is a list of things we have completed for Rilynn!!

  • Hung chair rail in her nursery
  • Painted the nursery!
  • Ordered the crib and changing table
  • Made the crib mobile (not quite finished)
  • Picked out crib bedding and will order Monday
Lots been accomplished and I'm getting really really really excited!
This is what it looks like thus far!! We are still awaiting the arrival of the crib.
Id also like to introduce to you a now finally pregnant looking Lauren!!!!!

 In other news I am now 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant woo!! Almost half way there and making good progress! We had our anatomy scan Wednesday and Rilynn is a perfectly healthy tiny baby girl. She weighed 10 oz. and is about the size of a mango crown to rump. The picture we got were really amazing from the scan she had all 5 fingers and toes on each hand and foot. Her heart looked perfect and so did her little brain lets hope she gets her smarts from daddy :)
We hit a bit of a bump in the road a few weeks ago...My dad recently found out he had a blood clot in his leg which thankfully they were able to remove with a special procedure and he is living life normal now. Before he had the procedure his leg was huge and swollen it was scary looking and it was hard to see him in the hospital unable to move. But with gods help he made it through hes a strong strong man and keeps me grounded and level headed when I freak out. So after finding the blood clot they did tests I guess to find out why he had had a clot and found out that he carried the Factor IV Leiden mutation which basically means his blood clots easily. So me being his daughter and pregnant I got tested and I carry whatever part of it he gave me so my OB sent me to a perinatologist this week to look at baby and check me out to see what needed to be done since I carry the gene also. For those who don't know any pregnant woman is more prone to clotting just from being pregnant and now that I am both pregnant and my father and I carry the same blood mutation I now am a high risk pregnancy and I have to inject Lovenox (blood thinning medicine) into my stomach fat once a day until Rilynn is here and then for 6 more weeks after. Sound awful right? So of course I did want any normal hormonal pregnant woman would and CRIED and I mean booohoooed once I got in the car of course.

Yesterday was a much better day for me once it soaked in and I realized it really isn't that bad and at least our baby is in perfect condition and that is something to be very very thankful for. I was shown yesterday by a nurse how to do the injections and I think this is going to be a job for the hubb!! I don't think unless he works late or something that I am going to be able to do this without him so he agreed and is now my injector :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear that! But I'm so glad you and Rilynn are both doing well! By the way, that name is so sweet! I love it!

  2. Thank Julie!!! I am overwhelmed with excitment thats for sure!!!


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