Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I am 17 weeks pregnant and I have nothing to show for it :( A picture this week is not necessary. I shrunk from last week a little. I'm getting very impatient with this...I know I probably complain about this same this every week and I know every woman is different and every women is going to show at different times but why do I have the be the woman that isn't going to show for months?? Rilynn is the size of an onion today...where is this onion? I'm ready to enjoy this and I want to see her from the outside. I know I'm pregnant and I know iv seen her move around on the ultrasounds and all but why is she not showing from the outside? I'm just frustrated...

Besides that we have some movement!!! Started felling the feeling last weekend but wasn't sure what it was until later on in the week when it was kind of regular when I would lay down. Its amazing I love it. It really does feel like a bubble popping or a rolling sensation. Last night she was moving like crazy its definitely a very different feeling from just gas bubbles. Keep on moving baby so I know your in there safe and sound :)

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