Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A second anatomy scan say wahh??

Yup thats right. So you know how I freaked out last week when I was at the perinatologist because the tech told me that this was my anatomy scan and how come my husband didnt come blah blah blah? Well we went this morning to my regular ob for just a regular ob check up not thinking we were having an ultrasound and.... it was our scan with my regular ob WTH. The darn lady at the other place told me that was it so I freaked last week for nothing. Hubb go to see it all :) It was amazing as it always is and yes this marks the 7th ultrasound in 20 weeks. GEEZ while I love it I think it might be a bit excessive but hey im not complaining I love seeing our little lady and I completly trust the team there.  My ob want me back in 3 weeks to check viability and do ANOTHER ultrasound so onward we go!!! 
Our plans for this weekend are the big birthday bash with my family. We have a lot of march birthdays so im excited to see my grandma and grandpa and show them all the pictures of little miss. Should be great! Ill leave you with a photo of my sweet baby :)


  1. She is beautiful =) I get lots of ultrasounds too! I love it!


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