Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its A.......

A sweet precious beautiful teeny tiny little baby GIRL and I am so excited!!

We actually found out last Monday when I was 15 weeks at our elective 3/d ultrasound that we had done but I wanted the doctor to confirm and sure enough she was still a girl :)

Hubbs at first was really nervous/anxious because he would say he doesn't know anything about little girls or how to handle them and I reassured him that I was in the same boat and this will be something we learn together and it was be amazing. He now is really excited after our first round of shopping. We bought some adorable little girl dresses and headbands and he looks at them in her closet and tries to imagine a baby girl in there and its so sweet.

Her name is Rilynn Elizabeth. This name we have had picked out since we have been married. We love this name and I think its perfect for our little girl. Its fun now instead of calling her it or baby its she and Rilynn! 

I have already been day dreaming about her nursery and cant wait to get started :) I love this sweet baby already so much I just cant wait for her to get here so we can meet her. Let the shopping begin!!!

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  1. Yay!! I'm so excited for you!! And what a beautiful name!


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