Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday/20 Weeks To MEEE!!!!

Yup that's right its my buuuurfday and I'm excited and we are now half way through with the pregnancy :)
Today should be a great day even though the weather is LAME! Hubb surprised me this weekend with a wonderful birthday/early baby present and I am in LOVE with these beautiful things!
He did such a good job picking them out! I feel special now that I have my very first pair of real diamond earrings. We joked all weekend that now its official iv joined the mom club with my earrings :)

Here's a 20 week photo and the famous survey!
How far along?: 20 Weeks WOOHOO!!

How big is baby?: Approx. the size of a cantaloupe

Weight gain?: I weigh in on Wednesday so I'm going to guess about 6 lbs total.

Stretch Marks?: None yet! but I did notice a very very faint colored spider vein on my leg and i am not happy about it.

Maternity Clothes?: I have bought a few by my regular clothes still seem to fit.

Sleep?: Sleep is alright I'm still waking up a bajillion times a night to pee and I wake up a lot because I'm uncomfortable :(

Best moment this week?: Well since we had our surprise anatomy scan last week I'm guessing this weeks apt will not be an ultrasound but I'm still excited to go to the doctor to hear her little heart.

Food cravings?: Cheese cheese cheese still.

Gender?: little baby GIRL!!!

Movement?: Yes everyday she is very very active and getting stronger that's for sure

What I miss?: Wine.

Belly button?: its looking pretty ugly...its getting wide and it looks weird through my shirts.

What I'm looking forward to?: Our crib should be in this week and I'm ordering the bedding.

Milestone?: 20 weeks to go people!!!!!! I cant wait to meet this beautiful baby girl!

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