Monday, February 7, 2011

Where's my feelin??

I have become addicted to the bump app on my ipod...I cant get enough its crazy. Im just so curious and its basically a message posting application for women from all over the world that can post anything they want about pregnancy and babies. So since iv had the app I have notice that lots of women have a feeling about the gender of their baby and they end up being correct about it. This baffels me...I dont have a feeling? I have absolutly no clue what gender is growing inside of me.

Sometimes I think its a girl because im breaking out a little or like a 13 year old girl and I have been craving some sweet things.

But then sometimes I think its a boy because im eating like theres not going to be any more food left on the planet and I absolutly had to have salt and vinegar chips the other day so I drove myself to Kroger at 8:30 pm just to get some!! So that would be the old wives tale of salty things = boy.

I guess im just jelly of all the women that have that "feeling" :( I want one... I suppose ill know soon enough im just getting impatient. I want to start shopping and picking out nursery things.

Im 13 weeks today so we have our anatomy scan the last week of Feburary. IF the baby cooperates we will be able to identify gender. My doctor has informed me that the ultrasound tech is "AMAZING" and will defiantly be able to determine the gender of little baby H who by the way is a PEACH today...YUM

That is all im done complaining!! Happy Monday.

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