Thursday, February 3, 2011

I need a meal plan...or else

Before becoming pregnant I like to think I was a pretty healthy person. I kept my carbs to a min never really ate pasta all that much. Loved veggies and fruit. Watched what I ate when we would eat out to try and maintain my weight. Drank a diet coke a few times a month but drank tons and tons of water. Stayed away from sweets (except twizzlers I LOVE them) and Iv never been much of a work out chick but I did walk the neighborhood with our dogs when it was nice out and Chris and I would go to the park near our house and run/walk. I liked being active.

But now it seams all iv been eating the last 12 weeks is CRAP!! I'm talking pasta like every day bread, cheese, sweets and when we go out to eat I don't get a salad with the dressing on the side like I used to I get some yummy fatty sandwich with fries :) and water you can forget about that I never used to order an actual drink at a restaurant always just water for me...Welp not anymore I don't get it?!?

I need to get back to my normal eating habits. If there is anytime I should be eating right like I used to its now right? Yesterday I ate my first carrots with hummus since becoming pregnant. Before I would eat raw veggies and hummus EVERYDAY! I know its these hormones and the pregnancy symptoms that have kept me away from the food I was used to I just need some help trying to get it back in so I don't end up the size of a barn come August. Chris said he would help me make better decisions when we go out but as for dinners during the week I'm on my own. Chris gets home close to 8 and I eat dinner way before that. Here's a look at what I have consumed this week already:





Thursday: I refuse to eat horrible tonight. I must eat something somewhat healthy!!!!! I'm thinking grilled chicken and rice with broccoli (maybe?? this used to be my favorite I don't know if I can handle the broccoli but well see)

Wish me luck and hope I don't barf when I try to even cook a veggie...

**maybe ill try on some of my summer clothes that always seems to motivate me in the winter time to eat healthier.

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  1. I can try to help! It is hard because you are pregnant. You are craving what the baby wants! And probably you! LOL! You are eating for two now and don't worry! You will be fine! Plus u can join MONSTARR BOOTCAMP LOL. Do some pilates or something!


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