Monday, February 14, 2011

Hellllooo 2nd Trimester!

WooHoo its official I am in the 2nd trimester and its feels great! I'm noticing I'm not as tired which is awesome since iv been a smidge of an old granny lately. I have my 2nd tri appointment today at 3:50 and i cant wait to hear baby H's heartbeat! I think I am beginning to see the very small sign of a baby BUMP!!!! I'm so excited! Here I am this morning 14 weeks!

How far along?:  14 weeks!

How big is baby?: the size of a lemon today!

Weight gain?: I will know this afternoon...I'm nervous!!

Stretch marks?: none yet :)
Maternity clothes?: not yet just the Bella Band if i need it but I did order some cute summer dresses from old navy that I cant wait to wear!!!

Sleep?: its ok...I'm waking up a lot from being uncomfortable

Best moment this week?: going to the doctors this afternoon to check on baby H!!

Food cravings?: Salt and vinegar chip and french fries!! yumm

Gender?: We have an ultrasound at 16 weeks (2 weeks away) and they say we should be able to know by then but I'm not holding my breath iv heard all the stories.

Movement?: no

Belly button?: in

What I miss?: a BATH a hot bath!!!

Labor signs?: no thank you

What I'm looking forward to?: Finding out what little tiny baby H is!!!!!!! I'm so excited I just cant wait!!

Milestone?: reaching the 2nd tri!!! Woo

Happy Valentines Day!!!
I love valentines day even tho it is a super cheesy "holiday". Chris did spoil me by surprising me with a stay downtown at the Georgian Terrace and a yummy dinner at Livingston's across from the fox. It was amazing! So tonight I am making him a Valentines dinner for when he gets home from work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


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