Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing is all there is to say...

We did it...we finally just did it!! We spent the extra money to get these wonderful images of baby H and I gotta tell ya it was worth EVERY PENNY!!

This was the most amazing thing I had ever seen before. I drank some orange juice right before we went in and oh my dang it made baby H go crazy! Bouncing and flopping and moving so much it was so awesome to see. I think I'm still in aw over this experience.To see the baby moving around as much as baby was was so cool and the 3D was pretty freaking awesome as well!! I'm so in love already and I just cant wait to have this precious tiny little gift in my arms!!

I am over joyed at the moment and have not be able to get a smile off my face since last night. Hubbs and I sat up last night until 1 am just talking and sharing our excitement. I have a feeling today I am going to accomplish nada at work!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!!

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