Monday, February 28, 2011

16 Weeks

Here's a photo...
Any change?? Maybe a teeny tiny bit! 
Please excuse my ugly tired face! it is only 6:15
We have an appointment on Wednesday and we will get some more photos of baby so I'm excited! I have some new symptoms that have begun over the last few days...Gas as in burps and hiccup's I don't know why but I cant help it it just happens. Heartburn at night which I have had kind of but now its back and its a little worse. The bloatedness has finally hit too. Every night I feel HUGE like iv eaten 10 lbs of food and it just wont digest. Other than those few things I'm doing pretty good I think.

How far along?:  16 weeks!

How big is baby?: the size of an avocado 4.6 in. long and about 3.5 oz.

Weight gain?: At my last appointment at 14 weeks none so far. I'm probably up 1-2 lbs.

Stretch marks?: not yet

Maternity clothes?: not yet... if I ever start showing maybe ill get to start wearing them. I'm getting impatient with this mystery baby bump I cant wait for. However I did purchase a pair of maternity capris from ON and I love them surprisingly they fit perfect!

Sleep?: its ok still my arms fall asleep a lot because I'm sleeping on my sides

Best moment this week?: again having my appointment on Wednesday to check baby and have and ultrasound.

Food cravings?: last week I had to have buffalo chicken fingers and ranch...they were delicious all 3 days in a row I had them :). Anything cheesy has been a huge craving for me.

Gender?: I know something you don't know :) and its killing me not to SCREAM it at the TOP of my LUNGS!!  but we will confirm at our appointment Wednesday!!!!!!!!

Movement?: I'm not sure...I keep thinking I'm feeling something but then I'm really just not sure?

Belly button?: in

What I miss?: a baby corona would have been lovely Sunday :) it was 74 outside PERFECT!

Labor signs?: nada

What I'm looking forward to?: See baby on Wednesday and starting the "clean house" project in one of our guest rooms to get ready for baby. Its going well so far

Milestone?: another week down! 24 to go!

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