Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Year in photos...(a little bit of an overload)

This one took me a while to get all the photos together so because there is too much to type and I want to share a little but about our life since being Mr. and Mrs. here are some photos starting with our Wedding on September 27, 2009. We were married at Kimball Hall in downtown Roswell it was beautiful!
                                     Kimball Hall A Southern Events Facility

Now this was the absolute best trip ever...We had such a magical honeymoon(sounds cheesy but so true) We both had not been to Disney World since we were children so this was extra special getting to have all the fun and remembering what it was like as kids. This is us arriving in Orlando on our way to the Dolphin Hotel.
                                               Our view from our room
                                                       This is us in downtown Disney
                                                                Universal Studios
The Magic Kingdom
We each had just married buttons to wear each day so we got congratulated all day long and we felt special!

Halloween was the next event after out wedding and honeymoon...
I don't know have Thanksgiving or Christmas pictures from 2009 which is weird I cant find them... So next would be New Years! We did the new years party in downtown Atl at the Grand Hyatt with a bunch of friends.

Then hubbs birthday! Yes I wore the same dress it was expensive and his birthday was only 2 weeks after new years! We stayed downtown at the Georgian Terrace.

                                   Two Urban Licks!! YUM!
Next hubb surprised me with a trip to destin for my birthday woohoo!!

A random rainy weekend adventure to Gatlinburg

 And then why not go to a Jersey Shore party for our neighbors birthday. That night was a bit crazy but super fun to get all dressed up! We had the snooky hair and wore slippers!

                                       ^ our snooky faces

 Would you believe me if I told you Chris won the contest for the Guido at the bar we went to having the Shore party!!!
                             First GA football game of the season with friends!!

 Our first Anniversary. Sad this is the only picture I have but we had such an amazing time. We spent a long weekend in Savannah!

                                                    Halloween!!! Top gun!!

Medieval times!! We loved it. its defiantly one of those things you only need to do once!

so that concludes our year in photos. We have had so much fun since getting married. We are both super adventurous and love to do weekend adventures. I would have tons of more pictures if i didn't have such a POS camera. We recently went to Ashville and did the whole Biltmore thing it was beautiful. We have dont several weekend trips to Charleston thats hubbs favorite place to go. That's a little bit into our life. We cant wait for all the new adventures we will have with baby H and the next year to come.

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