Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kitty baby and friends!!

We will have a very full house come this August and here's why...

This would be my kitty baby and yes her name is just kitty!! Shes my little baby and I just love her to pieces.
I have had kitty for 3 years now and since then it never fails that ill find her in some weird position or place... for example
She was just hanging out not moving or anything I had time to run down stairs grab my camera and take a picture before she example of a weird place...
Why wouldn't you find a kitty in the dryer?? perfectly normal 
Or just chillin with her butt on the ledge
Ok ok no more kitty pictures and here are the and friends part of the title...
Hunter would be the tan and white guy in the back...(this was Chris's dog were not sure what he is but he sure is cute) and little one up front would be Millie with the floppy ears shes our newest addition she is a whippet/lab mix and she is adorable but super duper hyper. She jumps in circles so fast you cant even see it.

To every ones surprise the 3 of them are like bffs its so cute. So that concludes our other family members and we defiantly will have to make tons and tons of room for baby H because these guys are crazy and always keep us entertained.

P.S. can you tell which ones my fav?? hahaha

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