Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting the hang of this

I feel like I'm very boring and have nothing to share about. But iv decided to continue doing my blog so that my family members that don't live close can all be updated and see my progress since the next time they see me will be around the holidays and baby will be here. So here's my update for this week...

We had our first official OB "work-up" appointment on Monday it went well! I am now 10w 2d. We had a little scare tho when my doctor went to use the heart Doppler thing he couldn't quite get the heartbeat so he then had the nurse wheel in the ultrasound machine and we got to see little tiny baby H in there growing strong and its little heart just a beatin!! It actually looked like a real baby with little arms and legs and big ole head. It was incredible to see the difference from 8 weeks to 10 weeks and how much its grown. Its amazing to me how I have this little tiny human growing inside of me and I already love it more than anything!! Chris is amazed day by day he tells me every night that he still just cant believe that we have created such an amazing little blessing!

Our other good news that I was surprised by (because of everything iv been reading) is that we get to find out in 6 weeks if baby H will be a boy or a girl. I just cant wait to start buying things and getting baby's room ready this will be an exciting day and I'm assuming also it will be when all the decorating madness begins!!!!
                      Here's me 10 weeks in my jammies!!!! 
Defiantly no bump yet :( and I haven't been too bloated the past couple weeks

Other randomness from the past few weeks...We found a pure bread German Shepherd roaming our neighborhood in the cold and snow a few days ago and of course Chris just cant ignore that so we took her in and took her to the vet to see if she had a chip and no luck there  so we have called around to some rescues in Forsyth but none of them would take her in. All they could do for us was post pictures and try and get her adopted by a good family but we had to be the "foster" parents until they found a home. We have posted signs in our neighborhood but no luck yet and no one has called in a missing dog :(

Look how pretty!! Shes 7 years old the vet thinks and she is absolutely the sweetest thing. Now ever since I was little for some reason I was afraid of big dogs (even some small yappy ones) but this sweet girl no way she doesn't scare me a bit. She knows how to sit and play catch so Chris thinks she came from a family and they just abandoned her for some reason which is just terrible I dont know how people can just do that. But anyways we are keeping her until we find a special family that will love this pretty girl!


  1. Your blog isn't boring at all! I love reading about your pregnancy- it just makes me excited about when I'll experience it! Do y'all have any names picked out yet? And y'all should keep the dog! :) She reminds me of Misty's old dog, Cookie!

  2. We do have names!! (we have had them since we got married and im so excited about them) I want to do a post about them soon!

    We would totally keep the dog if we didnt have 2 dogs and a kitty already!! Our tiny house is going to be crowded with a new baby too. If we had found this dog a few months ago we would say yes but we just got a new pup...who knows tho she really is a good dog well just have to see!

    I totally remember cookie oh my gosh!! wow she does

  3. I can't wait to hear the names! Doug and I talk about names all the time- boy names are much harder to come up with! Sounds like you do have a full house- especially with a baby on the way! And she looks exactly like Cookie! So weird!

  4. I like your blog, its gonna be cute to see your bump get bigger and everything that happens during your pregnancy!! Keep posting and i'll keep reading!


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