Monday, January 31, 2011

12 Weeks!

Today I'm 12 weeks and it feels like it has taken forever to get here! All this weekend I have woken up and actually felt pregnant. Which is good because all before this weekend I would wake up starving and flat! I have felt crampy and bloated and a few stretching pains as well. I can feel and see that my stomach is starting to poke out a bit (while I'm examining it when I get out of the shower making sure nothings getting wider yet :))So since today is a crappy day in Atlanta I look like's a photo!!

What do ya think?? Bump??

Anyways this weekend we went on an adventure to the container store and let me just say this is an amazing place!! I needed some new crafty ways to store things in our pantry and cabinets. We got this amazing shelf thing that bolts into the door of the pantry. Its like having 2 whole extra shelves I love it!! Then we got some shoe racks and a hat rack for Chris which is great because he has more tennis shoes and hats then you could imagine. We filled an entire giant garbage bag with shoes and hats and a few clothes that we can give to goodwill. We had a very productive organizing weekend. I am pleased! 

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