Monday, January 24, 2011

11 Weeks and feeling better

Today I am 11 weeks and to my surprise im feeling a lot better than I have been!! My nausea is limited to only when I think about certain foods. Im not feeling as exhausted (watch I just jinxed myself) im not having the heartburt I was having around week 8 anymore. The only complaint I have is that I am now getting these headaches at night which make me very grumpy to hubb. Hopefully these wont last too long. Other than that im doing good baby is doing good and I am happy lady!!

How far along?- 11 weeks

Total weight gain?- from my last visit on the 17th no gain yet. Which is surprising since iv been eating like a 300 lb woman.

How big is baby?- Baby is the size of a Lime!

Maternity Clothes?- Not yet but iv been wearing the same pair of fleece pants all weekend because they are comfy

Sleep?- Im sleeping ok if I pee right before I go to sleep then I wont wake up in the middle of the night. Im having difficulty staying comfortable I hate sleeping on my sides it hurts my shoulders so finding a position is a challenge.

Best moment this week?- um well its monday and im 11 weeks well go with that!!

Movement?- nada

Food cravings?- Anything and everything horrible for you...cheese sticks, mac n cheese, french fries you name it. All carbs I have been on a fruit kick tho which makes me feel a little bit better im trying hard not to overdo it on the carbs each day I just get hungry too often.

Labor signs?- Defiantly not

Belly button?- innie

What I miss?- still a cold turkey sandwich and glass of wine would be nice.

Milestone- We got to have an ultrasound last week and saw baby (we didnt know we were going to have one) it was nice to see the changes from the last ultrasound.

What I'm looking forward to-  Finding out what baby H is at the end of February!!!!!

One weird thing though is some days I wake up a feel pregnant and others I feel totally normal and not pregnant like this weekend on Saturday I woke up did some cleaning got dressed to go have lunch with hubb and could fit into my favorite pair of jeans that only fit me when im feeling skinny and that worried me because im definatly not feeling skinny and they did not fit me a few days before. Iv read this happens early on im just ready to finally start feeling pregnant which probably wont be for another month or so :( In bump news theres no sign yet...

WE found a home for the lost pretty german shepherd!!!!! Saturday afternoon we were driving back home from roswell and Chris got a phone call from him sergent and wanted us to come meet him and his wife for a cupcake at Jillys so I dont know about you guys but I certainly cant turn down a cupcake. So we went and while we were sitting there enjoying our delicious cupcakes I jokingly said "hey you guys want a dog?" and they asked what kind and were like yes absolutly we'll follow you home. It was amazing so now pretty pup has a new loving home and I know they will take great care of her and we get to see her now whenever we hangout with them so its a bonus. 

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