Monday, December 20, 2010

6 weeks.

I'm 6 weeks (since Saturday) and its time to Que the morning sickness :(. All weekend I haven't really felt all that great but this morning WOO I thought about pulling over on my way to work.

                                                   6 Weeks (no bump yet)
Survey time!!

How far along?- 6 weeks

Total weight gain?- None so far .::fingers crossed::.
How big is baby?- According to my what to expect app baby H is the size of a blueberry .25 in long

Maternity Clothes?- Not yet but comfy pants are my new BFF

Sleep?- I love sleep...I just wish I could sleep through the night and not have to get up to pee or just wake up for no reason.

Best moment this week?- None its Monday and I'm nauseous.

Movement?- Does gas count??

Food cravings?- I'm thinking this week is going to be rough for me...the thought of the lunch I brought with me to work makes me gag.

Labor signs?- Defiantly not

Belly button?- Innie!!

What I miss?- Shiraz and turkey sandwiches that are cold...

Milestone- Another week down .::33 to go::.

What I'm looking forward to-  Seeing baby H's little heart beat on the 30th!!

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  1. Sorry your sick...hopefully it won't be too bad! I was only sick until about week 9/10. Take it all in--it goes by SO fast!!


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