Monday, May 20, 2013

Destin Trip 2013

We're home and sad to be back at work. We had an amazing week in our favorite place! I would move to Destin in a heartbeat. I just love the sand, water and everything about the beach.

We arrived early Saturday morning. The weather was pretty gross that day but it cleared up later on. We have friends that live there and it just so happened that a big group of us were all there at the same time for a few days so we immediately headed to the beach with them. This was Rilynns first time actually playing in the sand and being in the water and she absolutely LOVED it!

Rilynn loved the sand she didnt care if it was all over her and in her mouth she could have cared less!

Mothers Day was wonderful!! Ri got up extra early which I didn't mind since we were at the beach so we got up and went for a mother/daughter walk on the beach at 5:45am :) It was beautiful! We spent the rest of the day on the beach relaxing...well relaxing as much as possible with a crazy toddler.

 Sunrise Mothers Day morning
 It was such a special moment walking on the beach with her while hardly anyone was up yet!
 Baby feet prints

The next day was the same lots of beach time and hanging out with our friends before they headed home. So here are just a bunch of pictures from our days!

 We all rented a paddle board for the day and each took turns going out and then did tandem turns which was not awesome because Chris flipped us over twice and don't get me wrong I love the ocean I just don't love the things that you cant see swimming around you really far out in the deep parts. I freaked and wanted to go back immediately. There were jelly fish all around and it just creeped me out. It was fun for him tho.

 The gang at Pompano Joe's for dinner the first night.

 The water was so calm the first 3 days it was amazing. Hardly any waves it was beautiful!

 We took Ri to Fud Puckers to see all the alligators and I wish I had it on video but we were trying to get her to say alligator and she would scream " Eh Ella". Pretty funny. Where she also spilled and entire drink all over me that was fun too!

 The left picture is October 2012 and then now. Shes changed a LOT!

 Baytowne Wharf pier.
 Ri chose the race car for the mary-go-round. She was afraid of the horses.

 The guys did a lot of fishing at night so we did a lot of running around the beach and hanging out. 

All in all it was a great trip and now that I'm back to work I'm sad and miss it. I could stay there forever. We lucked out with the amazing weather for the whole week we were there. We made lots of fun memories and we cant wait to go back next year!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend randoms

Hello there!

An update of sorts is in order. I have not done much blogging lately just been enjoying life. Nothing super new around here but I do have photos to share :) We are getting ready for our vacation coming up which I'm incredibly nervous for. We will be in Destin for a week, with a toddler...wish us luck! (tips and tricks advice appreciated)

Last week I had an assistant with me at the office and lets just say not much work was done.

She was very distracting! It didn't last long we left before 12.
 Here's a first. Rilynn actually sat still long enough for me to paint her fingers and toes! It was adorable!
 I took Rilynn to the lake for a little while to see if she would like the sand and water and to my surprise she absolutely loved it! So the beach should be fun.
 On Saturday my mother in law got married and we got to see Chris's sister and her husband and Evan. Who we missed so much!! They had not seen each other since Rilynn was around 4 months old. It was a blast watching them play together. Ri loved being around a big kid!
 Getting into trouble.

 At the ceremony! It was very cute and simple.
 back up to Friday night. We were playing around outside and Rilynn found this hat in the garage and then Chris taught her how to crawl around and hide!

 How sweet is that!! Rilynn and Eric holding hands at the gym. I just love them they are so sweet.
 A random girls night thrown in!
 Swim lessons from last Saturday again were awesome! They loved it again!
 And then lastly the trouble maker went a found a chair in the play room and was going to attempt to climb over the safe...I caught her just in time! Shes one strong kid I tell ya.

I didn't do 20 month update on Ri really because everything is the same shes talking a lot more putting words together communicating wonderfully! We are working on the potty. I'm not super involved just letting her get excited about it which she is. We will start that after her 2nd birthday I am in no rush she just loves to sit on a the potty.

She is totally independent with eating now. She doesn't even want to sit in the high chair anymore so she sits like a big girl. and makes a terrible mess every time :)

and that's about it

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swim Lessons

This past Saturday I signed Rilynn up for swim lessons at the new aqautic center near our house. I was skeptical at first thinking she was going to hate being in the water but boy was I waaaaay wrong!

From the second we got there both Rilynn and Eric were amazed by the pool.

When we were told to head into the pool the kids immediatly had huge smiles on their faces. Eric was giggling it was the cutest thing! We played some water games with out instructor, learned to blow bubbles and dip their heads in the water. Also kicking their feet and moving their arms was a great activity. They loved it!!

When it was time to get out they were sad...So we now know this summer is going to be a blast at the pool!

Next week our husbands are going to join so that we can get some more photos of them in the pool moving around.

I was a great experience and I cant wait to go again this Saturday.

 Sweet babies!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Keepin it short and sweet this week for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

The weather is Ah-Mazing here in Georgia. All weekend we did nothing but play and have a blast in the sunshine and grill out!

This week I decided to do summer baby style and show you some pictures of Rilynn from last summer since we are gearing up now for warm weather!

Anything that shows sweet chunky baby legs and arms that's our style for summer!!! I'm off to enjoy my day off in the sunshine!!

Go link up!! Happy Trendy Tot Tuesday!
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